• Needymeds.org – a non-profit group that can help patients in need receive a discount card for prescriptions (under “Patient Savings” – provides information about patient assistance from pharmaceutical companies; and SHIP (state health insurance assistance program)).
  • Pparx.org – provides information on free or discounted medications from pharmaceutical companies for patients without insurance.
  • Rxoutreach.org – discounted medications for low income individuals.
  • Benefitscheckup.org – lists of services to assist with paying for medications or food.
  • Blinkhealth.com – This site will help your patient identify a generic substitution for a brand-name medication you prescribed. It will also direct patients to where they can purchase generic medications for the least expense.
  • There are websites (goodrx.com, pharmacychecker.com, blinkhealth.com) and apps (lowestmed, goodrx) that can be used on smartphones to compare prices.

Credits: American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology